Dr. Oz on: Energy – Chia Seeds

admin on February 26, 2013 · 73 comments

Dr Oz is a very well known personality on Health, wellness and diet.

In this episode Dr. Oz & Dr. Roizen talk about ENERGY and Wonder no more as  they explain the benefits of Chia seeds & energy to remain alert & active as you age.

So, for ANY long term weightloss strategy to work we absolutely MUST HAVE good energy. Else the weight loss benefits will not last!

What do you think about this? Can energy influence your weight loss strategy?

Let us know below.




73 Responses to “Dr. Oz on: Energy – Chia Seeds”

  1. 1noen1 says:

    What? a QUACK this clown is.

  2. creativevirgo12 says:

    ;) ? thanx!!

  3. intownsuites1 says:

    You can use it in any juice, milk, salad…We mexicans use it most in? limonade, just one spoon in a jar of lemonade.

  4. kiran rai says:

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I? was going to lose weight with Fat Blast Blueprint, but then they saw the results. Go and google Fat Blast Blueprint to see their reaction.

  5. creativevirgo12 says:

    how does one consume chia? as is? in a juiced recipe? baked in a? pancake? sprouted?

  6. Haewatein says:

    iherb has an awesome sale right now on spirulina. with coupon “KEP135″ one can? even get it under market price!

    (it’s the best natural supplement for healthy hair in my opinion.)?

  7. kendo vm says:

    Doc Oz looks like a Skyrim character?

  8. dman71215 says:

    Please use a saline type liquid? when using a neti pot regimine. Or boiled/ purified water. Never use TAP water EVER.

  9. Danny Garcia says:

    Be advised if you’re considering using a neti pot: pouring water into your nostrils is the best way of introducing? amoebas to your brain.

  10. James Davis says:

    if your reading this your interested in Verve the all natural energy source.. If you want to try it go to my website jamesdavis8409.vemma.com? Contact me first before you go buy because you want to make sure you avoid the auto delivery. Hope you enjoy Verve, like i? do.

  11. 666mathew says:

    @5:04 ? I’m pretty sure that loose leaves tea is better than tea bags.

  12. NNoo Namey says:

    I wish we had a world? of critical thinkers :/

  13. VEE BEE says:

    check? my afro channel

  14. emailtheoldies says:

    geez it took him? 4 minutes to mention chia seeds

  15. SirThomasChannel says:

    Your 3 point plan seemed to work for me. Eat healthy, don’t listen, walk. Every morning? i drink 2 apples 4 carrot and 1/2 beet(organic). It worked so well people are asking me if this Dr Oz guy is for real– how should i know.

  16. Guywithcrazyideas says:

    The Chia company is using my head for their product? line in 2013.

  17. NNoo Namey says:

    Morons…but not that moronic because their making money off you idiots…want a tip, eat healthy and dont listen to people like this,? now put down your coke and walk down to the shops and buy actual healthy food, NOT tablets

  18. Rob Margolin says:

    Oz rocks!!!BUT PLEASE EVERYONE BEWARE THE #1 WEIGHT LOSS PILL IS PUTTING PEOPLE IN THE HOSPITAL PLEASE TYPE IN JILLIAN MICHAELS THE TRUTH and then please help? spread the word and maybe we can save a few lives thanks

  19. Angela Mays says:

    I learned alot abt chia seed when I wrote a post? for my blog.

  20. Catwoman501 says:

    Gentleman, good video. Informative.?

  21. loukkoumi says:


  22. e castrejon says:

    alai chia an meai yogurt? kiffer

  23. J3StudioSC says:

    chia seeds are? good

  24. wetlazer says:

    They remind me of a really? bad Batman and Robin, the little guy is like Burt Ward.

  25. dec a says:

    My nails actually grew on chia seeds!!! I love Chia seeds.? I’ll get you a good deal on chia seeds. Contact me at abigaildecsesznak@hotmail.com

  26. maggerdaiser says:

    OMG chia seeds are a food I cannot live without. My last meal of the day is at 2:00pm and it is coconut milk with a few tsps of chia? seeds a bit of raw maple syrup to sweeten. Let sit about 15-30 mins and it is not much to eat but boy does it fill you up and give you energy for the rest of the day and you don’t feel hungry. Beware the first time I used too many chia seeds in it and I was way too full for about 5 hours. Nothing gives me energy like chia does, since I have chronic inflamation.

  27. Jay Bandy says:





  28. LadySwag502 says:

    Doc Oz is reading the hell out of that teleprompter.? lol.

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  30. Jason T says:

    the reason: 4 years of? acing pre-med classes, 4 years of medical school, 5 years of general surgery residency, 3 years of cardiothoracic surgery fellowship.

    do you see anytime for sleep with that schedule?

  31. gigiraducanu says:

    lets talk about? how to increase Oz’s money

  32. DancingSpiderman says:

    Yeah, they come off like Don LePre,? of Tiny Little Classified Ads fame:

  33. DancingSpiderman says:

    Holy Carp !! I? thot Dr. Oz was Charlie Sheen !!

    WINNING ! (i’m kinda late to the party)

  34. kdf017 says:

    Man,? they both look like scammers.

  35. Knuckledragger80 says:

    Dr.oz is a joke. Calorie intake – calories burned = weight loss/weight gain. Get the fuck off the couch and be active.? Stop eating shitty foods and blaming your weight gain on every thing that you deal with in a day. There is no magic pill!

  36. bossyboots55 says:

    maybe because of his workload. but he is healthy. thats the? most important.

  37. mindandbodynaturals says:

    Chia seeds in? the morning with oatmeal is a great start for the day.

  38. chet BONES says:

    because he? is a boozehound secretly .secretly he pounds the whiskey so he’s weathered .i have sources

  39. madmanatsea says:

    I guess it has to do with all the vitamin c, fish oil, vitamin k, vitamin e, magnesium, WATER, b-vitamins, etc., that I take……………Man, Dr. Oz looks old at 52 but younger than Charlie Sheen? at 47 so STAY AWAY from drugs, cigarretts and alcohol if you want to LOOK and BE at least 20 years younger than people that do them.

  40. madmanatsea says:

    Why does Dr. Oz look so @@@@ OLD?? I was born on 8/24/60 which makes me about 2 months older than this guy, but he LOOKS so much older than me-why?????

  41. lampoidyaya says:

    chia is a seed not? a grain

  42. Tu?n M?c says:

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  43. Amber Wong says:

    I hate to pop your? bubble, but fiber is actually good for you.

  44. DOUG FERGUSON says:

    Hi DR.OZ. what do you know about T-Gone remedies for tennitus/ a little off? the subject.Thanks!!

  45. BytomGirl says:

    I started making a simple pudding with them…in a small pot put some dark rasins and goji berries, a teaspoon of cinammon and a little? honey, put water to cover plus an extra inch or? so… cook them for few minutes until they soften, take them off the heat and add enough chia seeds to absorb all water, when it cools off it makes a nice pudding. You can eat as a dessert or for breakfast. You can add other dried fruits like tart cherries which are a great antiioxydant.

  46. AnAlbertaGirl says:

    YOU ARE A QUACK!! EVERY person NEEDS FIBER! LOTS? OF FIBER! Do nuts and other seeds RIP your intestines open too?If your going to hand out medical or nutritional advice, get EDUCATED.

  47. MaryPowers845ASEA says:

    Lifemax dot net/marypowers?

  48. MaryPowers845ASEA says:

    buy the? best Chia lifemax. net/marypowers

  49. JudyJandora says:

    I put chia seeds in organic light juices and drink each day..I? love getting my chia this way and it makes drinking juices fun.

  50. YourNameOnMy says:

    Chia Seeds are great, I usually buy mine at iherb.com just use coupon code CEB988 to? save $5 on first purchase. Cheapest place I found so far.

  51. 1975supermike says:

    Video keeps clicking?

  52. homeimprovement1st says:

    i never knew yoyr name was mehmet?

  53. trinitallis says:

    wow you almost never find someone? acknowledging their wrong thoughts….kudos to you

  54. navyseal924 says:

    you should? cut the soy too. i advise you to watch Dr Robert Cassar’s video on protien exchange , im sure you will like. It was a life changer for me :)

  55. BBoughton says:

    Fuck Yeah!?

  56. PTHxHydro says:

    When I read your comment, I thought to myself that you were stupid because you were talking about marijuana, because hemp is sometimes used as a slang term for marijuana. But, after doing some research, I realized that hemp is from the same species of plant as marijuana but they are completely different. Hemp has almost no THC, which is what can get you high, and has a high CBD level, which is what blocks the “high” effects of the THC. So, thank you for posting this comment.?

  57. 0504CBP says:

    Check out “here? for good health. Com” great for fitness and body works

  58. bulkandcut123 says:

    Even better is CHIAX! It is a blend of organic chia seeds and organic flax seeds. It can be found online at various stores such as Florida Herb House,? Buy Dot Com, etc.

  59. josep emiliano Bonfante says:

    very nice? amigos

  60. fralican says:

    It sounds like he says D5 Ribose but all I? can find online is D-Ribose.

  61. Balo168 says:

    where do you get chia seeds and? how much to you pay for them?

  62. danthadon87 says:

    i wanna shave dr.? oz’s arms so bad damnit.

  63. tbirdt47 says:

    Salba is the Other Name for this? wonderfood…

  64. TheWant2beperfect says:

    i believe spourts has? it

  65. LorettezOpinion says:

    do it taste? good?

  66. perceptionality84 says:

    excuse me? but I did not get anything of what the other doctoc was saying: Taking de fiveribox sugar?!?!? Someone can help me cauz I have no clue!

  67. Jessica Thorn says:

    order them off the internet? or go to a local health food store.


    Ever wonder why 100′s of thousands die from prescription drugs every year? Do you suppose it is an accident? ? reg6(dot)com

  69. MrCannatopia says:


    Yeast,? nutmilk (certain kinds, check lables), and moldy or “fermented” fruits-veggies.

    Take a supplement.

    Neal Barnard, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell B. Esselstyn, John McDougall, Michael Pollan

    Search B12 up against their names. All but the latter are doctors/scientists.

    I think, meat contains B12, because of the soil bacteria factors it eats, but I could be mistaken.

  70. djkret111 says:

    Just curious, what about B12? Or isn’t? there some vitamin that’s only found in animal products? I’m certainly a supporter of hemp, thanks for sharing with others.

  71. zela9999 says:

    Chia fresca receipe. Put 4 heaping tbs. into a large Blendtec blender carafe. I then add 4 cups of filtered water. 10 drops of liquid? vanilla stevia, a few sprigs of fresh mint leaves, 1 peeled & seeded? organic lemon. I then low speed blend the mixture for a couple of minutes and let it sit for 15 minutes or longer for the chia to turn into a gel. I then high speed blend until smooth. Tastes great is very hydrating. Stevia has a 0 glycemic index. Too much stevia will add a bitter after-taste.

  72. JudyLa504 says:

    Where can I? get a good price on ORGANIC + HIGH QUALITY chia seeds?

  73. JudyLa504 says:

    Where can I get a good price on ORGANIC + HIGH QUALITY chia seeds??

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